The company was formed last September 2003 and started it's operation on January 2004 to pursue its own supply and service provider in the Philippines that will cater to the needs of the growing members of end users of Smiths Detection (Heimann) machines as well as the continues maintainance of existing installation Nationwide. Thus, the people behind DPSPI have been involved in supply and service of x-ray machine nationwide for more than twenty (20) years amptly distributing superior products and services.

DPSPI is a supply, and service provider as well as a trading firm which specializes in a real time detection of security threats providing overall protection. We have virtually installed over 142 X-ray & Explosive Detection equipment covering almost 98% of the entire Domestic and International Airports nationwide.

Because of our pool of Highly Skilled Service Engineers, the After Sales and Service maintainance needs of our clients are effectively sustained with customer satisfaction and high degree of reliability of screening equipments. We have established our current Market leadership as the largest distributor of security detection and screening equipment in the country today. We also provide military supplies to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) including live and training ammunition.

The success of our company owes largely to:

  • More than 50 years of continuous research and development to include the latest and advanced state of the art technology to enable users to facilitate the effective ease of use and higher speed of accurate screening.
  • Superb reliability and ease of operation as can be vouched by users of Smiths equipment;
  • Safety of operation and maintenance with compliance to national and international safety regulations;
  • Effective training of new users;
  • Service support to enable minimum of 10-year operation equipment life;
  • Short response and fast turn-around time for maintenance;
  • Availability of service and spare parts (ex stock) from its local agents with trained staff, regional headquarters (Smiths Systems in Singapore) and as well as the headquarters in Weisbaden, Germany.

Our equipments allows users easy and effective operation with the following outstanding features incorporated at no additional costs:

  • Faster scanning speed to screen more cargoes.
  • Best image quality with highest resolution to avoid ambiguity and thereby allows faster decision.
  • Material discrimination for easy identification of suspicious objects.
  • Deeper penetration to detect items hidden behind dense materials.
  • Most user-friendly machine interface to alleviate operator fatigue.
  • Automatic on-line detection of dense area in real-time.
  • Automatic on-line threat image projection.
  • Image archiving.
  • Integrated power stabilizer enabling the equipment to operate from fluctuating power source.

Truly, our product has always been focused on innovation and quality with an experienced team of highly motivated engineers and scientists based on continuos research and development.

DPSPI has a team of highly skilled service engineers who has been factory-trained by Smiths Detection, both in Germany and Singapore, who underwent annual extensive hands-on training specifically tailored for our products.

Due to this firm business tie-up, superior product knowledge, and excellent technical service, DPSPI has earned the reputation of being an experienced security equipment firm.