14.5 mm Artillery

The training device has a rifled barrel of 14.5mm caliber and is available in two versions

  • as a standard equipment on a tripod with leveling mechanism, aiming mechanism including elevation and deflection gears. The panoramic telescope from the service gun is employed with the equipment.
    The elevation can also set by using a clinometers instead of aiming mechanism.
  • as an inbore equipment which is fitted into the breech or chamber of the service gun. This version can be supplied for all typed of calibres of guns.
    The advantage of this version over the standard trainer is that the gun crews train on the service howitzer, however the real gun must be moved to the training area.

The 14.5mm caliber training cartridge is available as:

  • Practice round with impact fuze
  • Practice round with pyrotechnic time fuze with 3 sec or 6 sec delay.

60/81 mm Mortar

The training device is, in shape and weight, a representation of the original mortar bomb for the type of mortar being used (60mm, 81mm, 120mm or 4.2 in caliber)

It is fitted with a practice cartridge, then loaded like an operational bomb into the mortar and fired. The training device fails to the ground a few metres in front of the mortar, whilst the project projectile flies to the target.