Explosives & Narcotics Trace Detection


The IONSCAN 500DT fills the growing need of security professionals to have the ability to detect a wide range of substances and to be able to adapt as threats and their needs change. By incorporating two IMS detectors in a single unit, the IONSCAN 500DT is capable of detecting and identifying explosives and narcotics during a single analysis, giving you the ability to detect a broader range of substances while maintaining the high sensitivity and specificity you expect from Smiths Detection.

The IMS detectors in the IONSCAN 500DT are the same as in the IONSCAN 400B, of which over 6000 are in use by aviation security, government and law enforcement agencies, the military and by private security companies.


The IONSCAN 400B is the world’s most popular desktop explosives or narcotics trace detector. A simple wipe with a swab over items such as checked or carry-on luggage, portable electronic devices, and packages is all that is necessary to collect a sample, which is then placed into the IONSCAN for analysis. In 8 seconds, the color-coded display presents results to the operator - red for a detection and green for the "all-clear". If a contraband substance is detected, the specific name is identified on the display. A detection of trace explosives indicates that an explosives device may be present or that the person may have been handling explosive material in preparing a bomb and further investigation is necessary.

SABRE 4000

The SABRE 4000 is the only portable trace detector that can detect threats from explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals or narcotics, and can do so in approximately 20 seconds. With a cold time start of 10 minutes and weighing approximately 7 lbs. including the 4-hour battery, the SABRE 4000 is a small, powerful ally in the war on terror and drug trafficking.

With the added TIC detection capability, new features such as the 3.5" color TFT display and standard 4-hour battery, the SABRE 4000 is still the smallest, lightest hand-held trace detector available. It is also the only one that can detect and identify all the threats you face.


Non-contact, walk-through portal for explosives or narcotics detection.

Designed to reduce the need for time-consuming physical searches, the SENTINEL II uses gentle puffs of air to dislodge particles trapped on hair, the body, clothing and shoes. Aided by gravity and a downward airflow, these particles are then directed into the SENTINEL II for analysis. Trace amounts of more than 40 different explosives or drugs are detected and identified in secords.