Metal Detection

Millimetre-wave and Body Scanner

Millimetre wave body imager inspect passengers for any concealed object rather than just metal items which has revolutionaised the way we are screened at airport checkpoints. Whole body imagers or BDS (Body-worn-threat Detection Systems) is using a unique 3D scan flat-panel millimetre wave technology which offers state of the art imaging and detecton capability within a minimum footprint.

HI-PE Multi Zone High Performance Metal Detector

The HI-PE Multi Zone is a high performance walk-through metal detector which exceeds all International Security Standards. A "height on person" display actually indicates, by means of illuminated LED's, the position of the weapon on the person.

CEIA model PMD2

The CEIA model PMD2 is one of the CEIAs patented products recognized around the world for being the best multi zone security metal detector available. It generates a scansion electromagnetic field for the detection of metallic weapons inside the archway

Very High Sensitivity Enhanced Hand Held Metal Detector PD140SVR

The PD140SVR Enhanced Hand Held is a high sensitivity device designed to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal masses. It can be used for detecting weapons, detonators or other small pieces of metal carried by people, cencealed in baggage or in correspondence.